What I do:

(myself or with a creative team)

I produce media that will captivate, educate and inspire your audience


First, I learn about your goals, vision, and story.  Then, I carefully capture and craft a visual storytelling experience for your audience, using the media of video (with custom music & sound design) and/or photography.  Depending on your needs, goals and audience, these include any of the following:



For non-profits:


A mini-documentary (anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes) will provide an immersive experience for your audience, so that they feel like they are “on the ground”. Through the power of visual narrative, they will more tangibly understand what it is that you do, who the key participants are, and how your work is making a difference.  Short of inviting your audience to visit or participate in the actual work you do, there is nothing more effective than a well-made documentary to educate and motivate the people who are critical to your success.

Call-to-Action Videos

Are you trying to encourage people to spread the word about your organization or programs? Gain funders or launch a capital campaign? Obtain special donations for a key project? Recruit a number of volunteers?  If so, then a short call-to-action video can provide a powerful way to quickly and more effectively inspire your audience to action.   A call-to-action video needs to quickly draw in your audience, creating interest and connection to your cause, and then underscore the benefits of your work. Once the narrative has achieved this goal, the video is able to naturally communicate a clear and specific action step (something which many videos critically leave out). Give your audience an immersive connection with your work and the communities you serve, and then leave them with a motivating reason to do something now!

Results & Feedback Videos

Your funders and volunteers have invested a lot in your work. But they need to be assured that their money and time is making a difference. A short but creative video update after a period of time has gone by can be a powerful way of highlighting some key results, as well helping them to understand ongoing challenges. By providing concise but engaging story updates, your stakeholders will remain enthusiastic and possibly increase their support, even in difficult times.

Gallery or Poster Images

One way to really make an impression on others is to show compelling images of the people, communities or environments you serve. Whether in your offices, on display boards for special events or on the walls of local area businesses and galleries, large photos can spark a conversation, ignite the imagination and reinforce the importance of your work. I provide gallery quality images that are memorable and beautiful in their own right, and that will greatly assist the communication of your vision and values.

Images for Your Website & Publications

Does your website need an update with more visually engaging and emotionally powerful images? Do your newsletters, annual reports, or other publications need images that really tell your story? By briefly entering into the world of your work and the communities you serve, and interacting with the people in a positive and discerning way, I produce photographs that will make a powerful impression on your audience.

For businesses:

Promo Videos

A well-made, but short promo (or promotional) video goes a long way in educating your audience about the benefits of your services or products and giving customers the confidence to choose you. If your website does not have at least one effective promo video, you could be losing a lot of potential customers to other businesses that are taking advantage of this engaging means of communication. But a highly effective promo piece needs to be much more than a “talking heads” video. It needs to creatively and powerfully convey a narrative, and do so in a way that is natural, honest, and inspires trust. Let me help you create the kind of video that your customers will talk about and share with others.


Mini-Documentaries (around 10-40 minutes in length) are not only effective for non-profits, but businesses as well. If your business is making a positive difference in the lives of people, and if you have a compelling story, then an engaging mini-documentary will put your business far ahead of your competition in inspiring enthusiasm, confidence, and loyalty for your business. I will help you craft a powerful narrative and create a beautiful mini-documentary that delivers great results.

Compelling Images for Your Website

Your website may be the first impression that potential customers will have of your business. Do your website images help tell the story of your business, create a connection, inspire confidence and motivate your visitors to become customers? If not, let me provide images that will make an impact and greatly increase the effectiveness of your website. Your business is not based on mediocrity. So make sure your images show your greatness!

Creative Head-Shots & Portraits

The images that many use for their publicity, articles or websites are less than flattering. But even if an image is flattering, it may not do much to convey the “real” person that reflects his or her character, passion, environment, or larger story. I create photos that are both flattering and convey the essence of a person. Whether you need a single head-shot that captures your true expression, an environmental “story-telling” shot, or a series of photos in a variety of contexts and expressions, I deliver results that you will be proud of.

Instructional Videos

Does your service or product require greater explanation? Does your client need to understand a procedure or way of best utilizing your service or product? A well-made and creatively engaging instructional video will remove complexity and add great value to what you offer. I am able to help you script and produce videos that will be both interesting and beneficial for your customers.

For individuals & families:

Personal Legacy Film

A personal legacy film is a biographical video about a special person (or couple). This is often one or more grandparents or parents, but can also feature anyone (including yourself) whose story you wish to preserve and pass on as a treasured heirloom. The memories and stories of loved-ones and other special people are precious, and can easily be lost if not documented. I can help you craft a powerful story, by conducting insightful interviews, capturing beautiful footage of special activities and places, incorporating old photographs and/or videos, clippings, maps and even archival footage. I weave these together in a compelling narrative and then enhance it with great music and sound elements. Don’t let time slip away. Leave the legacy of lifetime!

Day-in-the-Life Video

Have you ever wanted to capture a special time in your life?   Perhaps it’s a stage when your children are still small and filled with the joy and wonder of the simple things in life.  Or maybe it’s during a transition stage, when a close family member is about to set off for a new destination.  A day-in-the-life video is an artistic and beautifully produced montage that captures the typical, but special moments in your family’s day.  Let me help you capture and preserve a memory of the extraordinary that lies within the “ordinary”.  It will be gift you will cherish forever.

Personal & Family Portraits

There are a lot of people offering portrait photography services today. Before you pay to have a professional take your portraits, make sure the photographer is creating images that will have heirloom quality, with careful attention to beautiful lighting, natural expression and great setting. Whether you wish to have classic portraits or portraits that capture you or your family in a natural environment that tells the story of who you are, I can deliver results you will not regret.

Artist Video

Do you have a passion for making visual art, music, dance, or fine crafts?  Do you wish to have something more than a resume or portfolio to communicate your artistry?  I can craft a video that conveys the beauty of your artistry and provides a compelling narrative of your artistic story. An artist video is a work of art in itself, and can help you to share your work more effectively with others, whether on your website, on YouTube, or in a live venue. Captivate, educate and inspire others with your own artist video!

The key ingredients of my work:

Cinematic Video


From mini-documentaries to promo videos and personal legacy films, all engaging videos have one critical element at their core: an interesting story. I help you craft that story and then capture and edit it into a form that is “cinematic” in quality. This means that in addition to containing the elements of a good story, it will convey a beautiful aesthetic created through a variety of technical skills and filmmaking strategies. Lens choice, stabilization & movement techniques, angles, lighting, color correction, color grading, editing flow, and many other details take the production to the next level.  The result is a video experience that delivers both a narrative and an aesthetic impact to your audience.



Compelling Photography


Whether you need a collection of high quality photos for your website and publications, a coffee table book that tells an important story, or gallery images that represent your passion and legacy, I strive to make every image compelling and meaningful. A strong photograph requires careful attention to human expression, as well as to lighting, composition and texture, all before the moment is gone. When I take photos of people, I connect with them in order to bring out lasting emotional and storytelling qualities that will highlight their unique beauty and character.  I spend equal attention to editing and postproduction, to ensure that each image creates an impact.


Custom Music & Sound Design


A great video is not just about moving images.  The music and sound design are just as critical.  A well-produced video can easily be compromised by music and sound that are mediocre or not appropriate to the scene.  In addition to matching style and pacing, the music and sound must be mixed and mastered in a way that best complements every section.  For over 30 years, music creation has been a passion of mine, and I make sure that each video is supported with music and a sound design which elevates its quality.


My passion is to create visual stories, no matter where they take place in the world!